Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Where Do You Go and How? ...edited re-post

Where and how do you go, old year?
Running and thrumming and flying, my dear
Leaping and sleeping and crying, it’s clear
You have one destination in mind
Dashing and dancing, a skip and a whirl
Grinning and glancing, a trip and a twirl
Crooning and moaning, a swish and a swirl
With only your song left behind

Where do you go and how, dear sir
Spring, summer, fall and back to winter
Don't close your eyes for time is a blur
And slips through our fingers with glee
Where do you go and how, old year
Fleeter your foot with age now I fear
So cherish dear loved ones and hold them near
For Time offers no guarantee

Where do you go so swiftly now
Into the sky on the winds that blow
Never a curtsy, no wave or a bow
Silently into the night
Echo of laughter, of longing’s blue tear
Hope for tomorrow gleams on the New Year
Parting is such sweet sorrow, my dear
Softly you slip out of sight


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