Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Colombian Comrade

Glance around you and pick something that is lifeless (husbands DON’T count) and personify it. Breathe life into it and make it the hero of your poem this week!

Can there be too much of you, darling?
I suppose only time can tell
You’ve been with me for a long time, dear
And oh, you know me well

Full-bodied, faithful companion
You never disappoint
Rousing easily life’s passion in me
My slumb’ring senses you anoint

Ravishing Colombian lover
Bold, brawny fruit of desire
Rushing through me like an ebony sea
Keening a beautiful fire

While all of life’s vexing indictments
Its pestering perplexities
Dissolve in your glow like the sun-drenched snow
And other minorities

Can there be too much of you, darling?
Life would be cold without you
So I’ll take my chances for your kiss enhances
Everything else I must do

Darling, you know how to please me
Your pleasure I cannot decline
Good morning kiss of Colombian bliss
Coffee, dearest coffee of mine

© Janet Martin

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