Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Judging...


To the undiscerning mind
Judgment often seems unkind
We ought not to judge our fellowman
But treat him the best way that we can

Yet in this outpouring of love
We ought never to approve
Of selfish disobedience
Yielding sin’s awful recompense

God’s Word is Truth, Wisdom and Light
Its judgments sound, perfect and right
It will correct, instruct, reprove
And teach us how to live in love

Yes, judgment often seems unkind
If discernment’s eye is blind
God’s Word stands firm; time can’t annul
Alpha and Omega’s rule

© Janet Martin

It's challenging; trying to teach kids the difference between judging and holding fast to the right by not approving what God's Word teaches is wrong. Yes, we are not to judge, but to love. God will be our judge. His Law, the measuring stick of right and wrong.

I've been pondering what I read here.

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