Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It hovers above me
So I draw it near
A quilt stitched with laughter
And heartache and tear

Morning and evening
And all in between
Shape love’s darling patches
Of what once had been

Invisible handiwork
Intricate blend
Of snippets and pieces
That living will send

And fitted together
To warm and to cheer
Are four-season colors
Of year against year

Who knows the fabric
Waiting to be placed?
Who knows the patterns
Waiting to be traced?

But oh, what sweet comfort
To draw to our hearts
Those quilts made of memories
That loving imparts

© Janet Martin

Tonight when I called hubby for our evening chat he told me he had a flash-back as he watched a truck-driver hug his little girl and she wailed as he climbed in his truck and drove away ...

This was one of those rare evening when all four kids were at home AND in a good-ish mood! So we were downstairs where the fire crackled, each with our books, puzzles, ipods, and I fell asleep. They laughed at me as I woke from a solid nap and a missed 'together' time. I guess they'll remember how mom used to fall asleep with a book on her face:( I am so cross to have sort of 'missed' the evening, even if they likely didn't notice) Then after talking to Jim, (hubby) I pulled at that old memory quilt and added a patch.


  1. Beautiful...memory quilts.I had to smile at goodish moods...I think only mothers of teens get this:)

  2. :) yes. And teens with mothers, maybe?


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