Saturday, January 19, 2013

No Small Thing

Tis no small thing
To bow before God’s holy throne of grace
Relinquishing our pleas and cares
Into Love’s kind embrace

Tis no small thing
To realize that all we cannot know
Is held in tender nail-scarred hands
By One who loves us so


This week I was reminded on more than one occasion of the miraculous power of prayer.
No, His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts; His answers are not always visible to our groping understanding, but when they are we humbly cry, thank-you.

Last night, as I knelt to pray before going to sleep I was suddenly, in the middle of something else, struck by an immediate urge to pray for my children’s safety as they come home from their youth-group event. Approx. 5 min. later Emily bursts into my room breathlessly shouting ‘Mom! We could be DEAD! Someone just pulled out in front of me and I screamed and slammed on the brakes! Oh Mom, if it would have been icy somebody would be badly hurt or worse” I asked her where it happened and then I told them how suddenly at that time-frame I was compelled to pray for their safety…!

Today Lord, I pray
For healing to those who hurt,
For comfort to the sorrowing,
For strength to the weak,
Lord, I pray that we may learn
to love one another
as You first loved us,
Lord, touch the lonely
with Your Presence
and be our guide today
I pray

In Jesus' name

p.s. Emily just came into the kitchen and asked me if by any chance I just wrote a poem about answered prayer:) I tried to read it to her and ended up blubbering, so she read it:)


  1. Oh my!!! The incredible power of prayer,thank-you for reminding me of this.We can never really know how often they have been given Divine protection.

  2. Oh my goodness....the power of prayer. You are also very in tune to your children....what an amazing story, which I am so glad had a happy ending. Tell Em good job with the fast reflexes :)

  3. ND, Em says thank-you:)

    Thank-you as well, Lucy. Yes The beautiful privilege of something I often neglect too much...

  4. Wow... that's amazing! Thank God everyone is alright. Your children are blessed to have you, a praying mother, who listens to the Holy Spirit!

  5. I'm so glad everyone is okay. Maybe there was a praying mother for the other vehicle too:) Today it looks like I'll be praying for safety as they drive to work on our first really snowy day this winter!


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