Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweet, Sweet the Still

Sweet, sweet the still
Of fall’s repose
The dormant season
Of the rose
Where drifting dirge
In memory flows
Across earth’s tempered tides
Of grassy green and vesper-lay
Of clover mien and summer-day
Of sun-kissed scene and willow-sway
Where retrospect resides

Sweet, sweet the still
Of winter hush
The woodland void
Of lark and thrush
Where landscapes bow
Beneath a brush
Dripping with ice and snow
Over the umber aftermath
Of summer’s dusty barefoot path
Where in the quiet echoes laugh
In tender afterglow

Sweet, sweet the still
Of mantled brook
Of winter laden
Of aspen-song
And bloom forsook
Beneath gust-gilded glaze
Sweet, sweet the still of nature’s surge
The emptiness of autumn’s purge
The wonderment of snowflake splurge
Embellishing our gaze

© Janet Martin 

I love getting out on winter mornings to listen to the quiet.
 And yes, it is finally white!


  1. You should put that photo on a canvas or frame it.simply beautiful.

  2. That is a great idea...thank-you sis:)


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