Monday, January 21, 2013

The Wonderment of You, My Love

The wonderment of you, my love
Evokes a glimmer in my eye
And in the dead of winter-dread
I hear a love-song drifting by
Where melody of green-leaf tree
Seduces me as dreams implore
While imminence of bitter winds
Threaten bold outside my door

The wonderment of you, my love
While show-men brag and weak men boast
This flesh-blood veil conceals a grail
Cupping the vaunt that matter most
Intangible, its ecstasy
Indelible its hard-fought gain
Alloy of love’s great mystery
We do not flaunt its sacred pain

The wonderment of you, my love
Though blood of pen may seek to spell
Its fantasy in poetry
It cannot its full fortune tell
For how can word shape oceans stirred
Or speak of things too rare for script
Where rushing tides cannot be heard
Beneath the brush of finger-tips

The wonderment of you, my love
In declarations barely breathed
From depths beneath to heights above
Its utterances are bequeathed
In soft-sigh kiss, in whispered bliss
And in the trembling touch of thought
The wonderment of you, my love
Perfects the void of what is not



Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!