Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Of Destinies in the Rain

Tucking Into Bed

The darkness is cloaked in a mantle of rain
Out on the streets in sluggish duress
Late night stragglers suffer its cheerless caress
Pushing through its staccato refrain
Just to make it home in time to peek
At babies snuggled warmly in their cots
And soon the rain begins to soothe their thoughts
Running teardrop kisses down their cheeks
Washing away the ragged robe of cares
For surely there can be no greater joy
Than to behold the soundly-slumbering girl or boy
And to enfold them in our goodnight prayers

© Janet Martin


  1. The beginning of your poem reminded me one of my favorite poems, "Acquainted With the Night." However, there's a loneliness throughout Frost's poem... and not in yours. I love that everyone was hurrying home to pray over their sleeping babies :) I also love the image you used here ~ perfect finishing touch!

  2. My daughter left for work at 10;30 last night (I'm sure you know all about that:) and as I stood watching the traffic slosh through the dense fog and rain I imagined them coming toward the comfort of home and family, not leaving. And suddenly I missed days gone when I could peek in and watch her sleep. She HATES the night shift but everyone has to take their turn:)

    Thank-you for your thoughts. I will read Frost's poem again. I just found a thick Frost's poetry book at our local thrift store!

  3. You told a story of the comfort of home very well :)

    I'm back to doing night shifts on Fridays and Saturdays, so I can be home evenings through the week. I actually don't mind nights!

    Nice thrift store find :) My son LOVES to go there. We were there yesterday, in fact! Didn't find anything too exciting, but still things I needed...


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