Thursday, January 17, 2013

Transient Kisses...(sequel to Mon. post; Heaven's Disguised Kisses)

What is will pass
Transient as dew
On a blade of grass
What is will be
The song that tunes
Our memory


What is messy today
Might be tidy tomorrow
Life is a duet
Of both joy and sorrow


About the pics...a few days ago I post some very unglamorous 'kisses in disguise' . This is the messes and their flip-side, because that's the way it is; one moment tidy, the next- a mess...

Melissa, 18 and Victoria 11, share a room. This leads to great conflict when it comes to decorating, so they each have 'their side'...

Matt is a lover of all sports. He LOVES to play any sport, (soccer may be the one he cares for least) His first word was 'ba' (ball). I would put a toy truck in his hand and he would drop it and pick up a ball. Before he was a year old I knew his love. I would pile toys around him and he ignored all of them as he stretched and reached for a ball!! It was so funny.

Emily's room was spared. She does make her bed and sort of puts most of her stuff away. She is also 20:) 

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