Monday, January 7, 2013

A Little Rusty


Darling, are you still awake?
And will you venture out with me
Into the tumult of a night
Stark still with frigid clarity
Where breath hangs frozen and our step
Creaks loudly in the bitter cold
The giddy flame upon the hearth
Invites us from our midnight stroll
But we decline its luring grin
To listen to blue solitude
Ignite a fire deep within
Akin to passions of our youth
…darling let’s practice if we can
The thrill of being young again

© Janet~


  1. I love the idea of the night being "stark still with frigid clarity." Well done!

  2. this is great, Janet! I love the older 'darlings' doing what they feel, and choosing thrills and passion, together.

  3. You weave quite the fabric with this one, Janet. Romantic and passionate.Very nice!

  4. I had a sudden urge to check in to the Linky list and now I know why.

    I like the scene you paint and all that is implied, as well as said, by the speaker. Even with the words bolded I was drawn in to the point I forgot this is a wordle poem.

    Lovely, Janet.

  5. What a sweet and loving poem.
    An invitation beyond love a deeper,more spiritual love that
    goes above the body.

    A joy to read your poem at
    this time on this night.

    thank you.


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