Friday, January 18, 2013

Tug-of-war Tango

Oh, quell this eager, effervescent surge
Kissing my mouth while subtly it steals
Rending my heart while tenderly it heals
Author of love song, lullaby and dirge

Oh still the rampage of this ruthless stream
Luring the child from mother’s pleading eye
Yet, she has prayed her young-ling learns to fly
She will not snuff the splendor of a dream

Oh, quench the fount of moment-melody
May I have one more dance; curve melding curve?
Yet, one half-step is more than I deserve
Passion and pain align intricately

Oh, hold me close, for I cannot resist
The imminence of what is yet to be
And love is such a precious agony
Twixt farewell tears and waiting to be kissed

Oh tease me, tease me not, hold me, let go
I cannot bear, yet must endure its ploy
Of bitter-sweetest misery and joy
Wrought by the tempo of life's moment-flow

© Janet Martin

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous. Lovely capture of this 'precious agony' and 'bitter-sweetest misery and joy'. Love your word choices here. Beautifully done! Happy Friday :-)


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