Monday, January 14, 2013

Heaven's Disguised Kisses

Sometimes this...
Does not feel
like heaven's kiss...
...but it is.

'I found myself restraining a great big Monday morning sigh

As its relentless repetition at first glance, held no appeal

But as I studied it more fully suddenly I realize

Heaven-glimpses on earth are real

Mom; aka Janet

A few minutes ago...

Mom: Melissa, please go and tidy your room.

Melissa: Didn't I just do that?

Mom: I wouldn't know...


  1. You make me smile :) My family has made an attempt at "tidy" while I've been down....I think you are right though....the Heaven glimpses.

  2. I sure hope you are back to feeling stronger soon:) Sometimes our 'down-time' is their 'up' time. Yes, I can tell, you've seen those glimpses. Thank-you for understanding:)

  3. Yes, I know what you mean and thank you for the reminder, but still I thank you even more for proving (with pictures!) that this happens in your house, too :-) Sometimes I feel that your house is as ethereal as your poetry..I'm selfishly glad that it occasionally isn't! But then again, there's poetry in the mess, too :-)

  4. Sasha,Thank-you for letting me laugh out loud!:0 I have to confess its a brand of poetry I could do with much less of...I used to clean up after them constantly but then, they never learn.(guess what they are doing after school:) I cringed as I posted the pictures, but last week I read a blog-post where the writer confessed that it can be quite discouraging, (even as much as we enjoy reading blog-posts about anything under the sun) sometimes the photos and posts can appear like perfect, gardens, houses, art, poetry, work-outs; she named them all and then she said she is going to post some regular pics of a messy house. Maybe I missed her 'mess' in her lovely photos but as far as I could tell, no mess. suddenly I felt like a complete failure! So I decided to post my Monday morning mess, unedited except, for the sake of my kids, kicking some dirty underwear out of sight;)) Thank-you for understanding and again, for the smiles.

  5. You are very welcome!
    I came back to look at the pictures again :-)

  6. :) Maybe I'll 'reward' them with a 'redeeming' after-photo; maybe:)

  7. Yes, we all want to put our best, picture-perfect photos out there... I confess, I'm not as brave as you!! We all have messes ~ thanks for sharing yours :)

    By the way, I agree it's a good idea to let kids learn to clean up their messes, at least sometimes. I grew up with a mom who kept a very tidy home... and I loved not having to do chores, until I was out of the house & married!! You're helping your kids by letting them learn now, rather than on their own, later :)

  8. Megan, thank-you:) But, notice there are no 'after' pics:)? I might post them today, after 'the mother's touch'. Their version of 'cleaned up' and mine are simply not quite the same! I do want them to learn but often I hear my mother's reminder to 'help them and show them, don't just tell them'. I think it might be my turn to 'show' them today.Well, I'm off to dust and tidy;))


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