Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fishing For Answers

PROMPT #90. Ekphrastic Poetry – 2013 Photo Prompt #1

If you had not left
then perhaps I would hear
more than the whisper
of time disappear
and I would hear gladly
those feet in the park
instead of standing
here sadly
in the dark

If you had not left
would the tide cease its crying?
would gray day
not murmur
the color of dying?
If you were still here
to cast, next to me
your beautful dream
would the sun
shine suddenly?

 ...or will this river swell
with the gathering of tears,
 of birch-leaf and moments
lost in yester-years?
If you had not left
would we fish together
and would every day
perfect weather?

Janet Martin~ 

*Photo credit: Keith R. Good.(Photos by Keith Good Facebook Community Page)Fisherman.Photo prompt.Keith

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  1. You worked this form perfectly. One feels the poignancy and the loss.


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