Friday, January 4, 2013

Invisible Orchestra


If you listen, darling
Well,you won’t hear a thing
It’s a keen unwritten
Caught in whispers
Deep within
As I feel within my heartbeat
The tempo of perfect pain
Its timbre, blue and bitter-sweet
Yet, warm as August rain
Rising from thought's surging ocean
In a sweeping melody
Its tenure of emotion
Like a storm on midnight’s sea
For its whisper is a tempest,
Yet its tempest but a sigh
As its pinnacle of passion
Spawns a teardrop in my eye
And, if you listen closely
Well, you still won’t hear a thing
But I can hear it clearly
In a montage deep within
Its lips upon my memory
And its throb against each breath
Its notes a sudden longing
And an aching in my chest
Not a flicker, not a murmur
Not a single, tiny trace
Of the orchestra within me
But the half-smile on my face


The Maestro of Time composes such music...

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