Sunday, January 27, 2013


Behold, the orb of burnished gold
Heralding a new day
Behold, the earth bathed in pure garb
Of sin-stains washed away

Behold, the chains of night are gone
And He makes all things new
Behold the trembling of the dawn
Gilding earth’s avenue

Behold the glory of the Lord
Rending dark ether veil
For He has promised in His word
His mercy will not fail

Behold, His day of joy a-waits
Behold His patient love
Gleams from the the port of heaven’s gates
To man from God above

Behold the testament of hope
Streaming from unbarred lea
Behold, His grace bathing earth's slope
In virgin purity

Behold, behold, the glorious Light
Behold, behold the One
He draws the dawn across the night
Behold, behold the Son
© Janet Martin


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