Saturday, January 26, 2013

Country-girl Request

Thoughts while hiking through fields last week, where one can sing at the top of one's voice and only God, the wood-creatures and the wind can hear:) I drew on the memory of some summer-walks as well, for this poem

Oh, do not take me from this wonderland
Of azure dome and rippling stream of sedge
Of bloom and bee-song dripping from the hedge
Where God alone nurtures its unchained strand

Oh, do not take me from this throbbing stage
Where night-wind croons a winsome lullaby
Or murmurs a reverent soliloquy
As cricket-cadence ripples from brush-sage

Oh, let me dream on earth’s four-season swell
Dancing with zephyrs drifting from the south
Welcoming winter’s sunbeam in my mouth
Laughing in arms of hinterland and dell

Oh, let me worship the Creator God
Not from cold altars of concrete and steel
But here in humble gladness let me kneel
Upon a plot of wide open-space sod

© Janet Martin

Every so often Jim (hubby) says he would be ready to move into a nearby town. He knows that I am not! (and he's not really, he admits, but likes to see what kind of a reaction he might provoke.:)


  1. A wonderful poem. Love the last stanza. I think I feel happiest in the fields surrounded by forests. I believe I've already said that before (I forget things now :-) your nature shots remind me so much of Russia.
    It's so precious that you and your husband both don't want to move (his teasing doesn't count :-)

  2. When I see pictures of Russia it does look similar in some areas. Hubby has mood swings ;) He loves the country on a nice summer day, but he also LOVES to sit in a local restaurant and chat with his buddies over coffee for hours!So the deal is country-living for now and town-living later...I whisper to the kids that it's going to be MUCH, much later;))

  3. Russia is a big country :-) its nature varies quite a bit. I'm always thinking of a particular place, I used to go there in summer. I think probably the climate is similar, so similar things grow..
    Men always talk about women having mood swings, but I find that it's actually men who are prone to them..hmm..:-)

  4. I keep kidding my writer's group that I want to write a book entitled Those Things They Never Tell You and then we would need a chapter discussing guy mood swings;))

  5. I'd buy it! I can contribute to the chapter, too (if you accept unsolicited submissions.)

  6. :) It would be wonderful to have your opinion! Sometimes I just laugh and say, oh! those things they never tell us! about men, women, ourselves, getting older, parenting, teen-agers,the vexing, wonderful pain of love, letting go, holding on, then there's all the physical stuff! The idea began when someone was talking about menopause and she said, 'oh Janet, there are SO many things they never tell us'. I'm toying with the idea of writing it someday but if it gets as personal as it should i would likely need to leave the country after it is written:) Thanks for the offer.


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