Friday, January 11, 2013


 (Sometimes I come here, just to is a little jerky at first but eventually 'smooths' out)

She tunes the hollow winter hush
In rushing, gushing glee
Laughing beneath thicket and brush
A prisoner set free
Where cattails drained her summer cup
Autumn’s release has filled her up
And now she spills her lullaby
Meandering out to the sky

Winter eases its rigid stance
And from its frozen swell
A lilting cadence of romance
Sweeps through the dormant dell
A surge of passion-perfect pitch
Embellishes the laud-less ditch
Of silenced wood-song’s dismal dirge
She sings with grief-abandoned urge

Now high, now low, hastening, slow
Enchanting melody
As splashing, dashing love-songs flow
In sonnets to the sea
Lest soon the northern gales entice
To seal her lay in shrouds of ice
She finds, somewhere, a lenient nook
To hum the hymn of winter-brook

© Janet Martin


  1. God has blessed you with this beautiful gift and you employ it fantastically. I'm awe-struck.

    Surely you are published...

  2. I'm awe-struck at God! I asked Him for something to let me know if I am employing Time or fueling a colossal waste of rhyme:) He often sends His replies through people, go figure...He sends a barefoot rebel;)


    I am published in the Poetic Bloomings the First Year book on the side-bar so if that counts the yes, I am published. I have 3 poems in that book, thanks to Walt and Marie.

  3. Gorgeous write. It took my breath away. And, side note, watching that video made me thirsty it looked so good. Ha :)

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    It is a great spot. The brook dries up in the summer but every winter she returns to chatter and gurgle and sing. I have loved this brook as long as I can remember. It ran through our farmland and I'm sure this is where it spawned my love for poems such as The Brook by Tennyson.


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