Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Transient Lament

…then, let the dark fret in icy lament
And rage against the far side of the glass
These minstrels pelting frigid limb and grass
Are merely nature’s restless discontent
And like the wantonness of winter-thought
They too shall pass; a twinkle in the eye
Soon we will laugh beneath warm summer sky
Or bask in oceans of for-get-me-not

It is not far to winter’s other side
Moments melt heedless, one into the next
A year veiled in soft half-breath pretext
Slips easily into Time’s thrumming tide
And all the gleaming, potent fantasies
Of better days to come that we desire
While sitting snug beside the flickering fire
Will soon be wafting in the purple autumn breeze


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