Friday, January 11, 2013

The Plight of Human Heart

Like the birthing of a brook
To the swelling of the sea
It’s tenure not of flesh and blood
Bleeds agonizing ecstasy
Borne earnestly in mortal fronds
Of trembling lip and timorous touch
An ocean held within the bonds
Of heartbeat, thought and prayer and such
From whence it springs, I cannot say
But oh, it steals my breath away

Violent, intense, reclusive, sweet
It keens the mute and morbid dark
Or rages where the floundering dream
Pines for its pure and virgin spark
Its mighty ethereal eons surge
Fulcrum of ageless misery
Yet author of love-song and dirge
And raw, unpolished poetry
From whence it swells, I do not know
But oh, it makes me miss you so

Does jasmine by the summer brook
Bear unbeknownst, its misery?
Or eagle on the rocky crag
Do they suffer such ecstasy?
Nay, I dare say such wordless want
Though whispered in the wandering wind
And murmured in the hidden haunt
Where poplar sighs and brook-songs blend
Must be endured in fleshed rampart
Longing; the plight of human heart

© Janet Martin 


  1. "Its mighty ethereal eons surge
    Fulcrum of ageless misery
    Yet author of love-song and dirge
    And raw, unpolished poetry"
    So that's were poems come from! So beautiful.. :)

    And no I do not think an eagle or a jasmine would know such ecstasy! hehe. How miraculous would that be if they could write poetry or do some sand art or something if they did!!

  2. you've got me thinking. I have seen the wind paint a sea on the desert, or frazzle the freshly-drifted snow into a flower...maybe nature bleeds out its longing after all?!

    Thank-you for your lovely words and smiles.

  3. You have cornered the market on imagery today. Wow, got chills reading this one. I'll say it again. Wow. Amazing work.

  4. It's like you're from another time - a peer of Yeats perhaps Byron...You are that good.

  5. Janet, sheer beauty, just wonderful, thank you!
    And congratulations!!! You've been published :-) I'm super glad.
    Now my problem: I cannot figure out a way of reading WCW online..I tried clicking on the image, but all I get is the picture of the front cover (with your name on it!) Am I missing something?..Help, please..

  6. Rebelle, I don't know what to say but a very humble, thank-you so much:)

    Sasha, you make me feel SO much better! When this magazine came out and Walt and Marie and others congratulated me, I messaged Marie on FB and told her thank-you but I actually have not seen it, and that NEVER in my life have i asked this question but here goes,' how do I open the magazine'? She didn't even laugh at me;)! She said it is very different but keep scrolling down past the cover and intro's then click on those squares with #. They are the page #'s and THAT opens the magazine. If it doesn't work, please let me know.hope this helps. I think I'll add the opening instructions above.

  7. S~ I was sure you had the PB book. I guess I didn't really broadcast this one...sorta shy that way;0 Do you know what I mean?

  8. ...oh, and I just deleted my confusing babble:)

  9. No, you most certainly did not broadcast :-)
    I believe you found a lovely home for your poem, it's a beautiful magazine.

  10. I like it too; a lovely blend of 'art is poetry' and 'poetry is art'.


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