Thursday, January 31, 2013


Rollicking, frolicking, feathery fray
Blanketing evergreen, umber and gray
Embellishing fences and skeletal limb
Swirling and whirling celestial hymn

Cotton-soft canticle, mute melody
Tumbling from chambers of infinity
Spiraling splendor decking land and lake
God’s wonder captured in every flake

Dizzying dazzling, soundless madrigal
Heaven’s extravagance sweeping hill and dell
Choir of cherubs tumbling to the earth
Calling to children in merry-white mirth

Dauntless, dancing choristers spilling their glee
Flinging their anthems, footloose, fancy-free
Rollicking, frolicking, feathery lay
This is the song of a winter snow-day

© Janet Martin

Yes, its a snow-day, no school.

From two days of almost non-stop rain melting any snow that had accumulated to
winter making up for lost time...

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