Sunday, January 13, 2013

Poetry, Waiting to be Written

 (This morning it is gray rain-poetry; see below, so I chose a photo from earlier this week)

The dawn is imbibed with expectation
And diminishing deep
We are drunk with the elation
Wrought by sleep
As footsteps dash,
They slip and splash
Into its gilded room
The earth, a palace
We, the kings and queens
Of mercy’s bloom
To wish and dream another day
To live and laugh
And love and pray
And bear the virtue of its sway
Until Time’s bending tide
Breaks on the cove of twilight’s shore
And it is gone forevermore
Into the ditch with days of yore
Blessing and burden lie
Poetry flickers in each precious tick
Mortality trembles; a flame on life’s wick


Rain-poetry; this NOT what our typical mid-January looks like.




  1. Wonderful whirl Janet. Such a treat to read a rhyming poem.

  2. A strong write, Janet. I like how you thread expectation, mercy, virtue, and mortality through this poem. It feels important when I read it, like a classic. Brava!

  3. Whoa "mortality trembles" who can resist a poem with that thought ... not I! Lovely :)

  4. If that's your view, I'm moving in.

    The poem, while its message is serious, sounds like you had fun and it was fun to read, yet, the message still clear.

  5. A glorious blending of all life's treasures. Each moments poetry is is found in a humble heart. Wonderful write Janet.

  6. Incredible photo! Can easily see how it would inspire this lyrical piece, filled with wisdom, knowing, and life. This is a soft hum of greeting and welcome to morning's light,


  7. How wonderfully you wend your pen Janet ... I've been remiss lately and not up to reading and/or commenting but it's bliss to read your words again (and see your photos, for that matter) - I especially love the last line (I'd quote it exactly but the comment form won't let me go back to it...)

  8. Thank-you all for your visits and your thoughts~

  9. This is beautiful - the rhymes work very well. It's fascinating how many different directions writers take from the same starting point. The prompt words fit in seamlessly.

  10. I love how you danced with rhyme to tie these dozen words together. Good to be back to read it! Well done, JR!

  11. As always, I am fascinated by the variety of responses to a wordle. The same set of words produces such different responses.


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