Thursday, January 17, 2013

Triumphs of a Moment

Image Source: pinterest

Can our arms embrace a memory?
Can they reach into the past
And retrieve a tender moment
Where its shadow long is cast?

Can lips whisper into being
What has slipped beyond the blue
Where the murmur of the night-wind
Rouses tear-framed thoughts of you?

Can we have within our holding
More than half-breaths as they slip
In vexation, melting softly
Like a snowflake on the lip?

There's no fulfillment in a shadow
Misery and mercy ache
In the vanquishment of moments
And the memories they make

Can our arms embrace the echo
As it drifts from down-cast skies?
...oh, it’s almost like we’re dancing
But I cannot find your eyes

© Janet Martin~

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