Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Known in our Unknowns

Dear Father, I must place my hand in Thine
For oh, You know I do not know the way
A new day breathes on the horizon-line
And what a-waits, God, only You can say
The unknown like a mighty, rolling sea
On which the sailor and his ship must sail
Conceals within its depths life’s mystery
Our vessels without You, oh God are frail
But if You place Your hand beneath the tide

Dear Father, keep us in Your constant care
Mortality cannot dissuade the course
Within life’s storm; it’s cold and bitter force
Would surely toss us to merciless deeps
Where we would sink beneath fear’s murky wave
But with You, God, we trust the One who keeps
His uttered word; God, You alone can save
We press ahead into the misted tress

Dear Father, Captain of our battered bark
And shed Your Light across life’s little surge
The reward of love’s humble diligence
So Father, take our hands and lead us thence
Knowing in You our want is satisfied
And though the unknown trembles in the air

© Janet Martin

For J&R K. Please continue to pray for the family which I constantly plead prayer for...they have sent us a letter today confirming their deepest fears and need our prayers more than ever before as they face drastic and sudden unknowns. I do not have the permission or freedom, due to their safety to tell the details of their story, but they are packing as we speak and trusting God to lead.
Here are a few of their specific prayer requests;
You can be praying for:
- saying goodbyes, there are many dear ones whom we will terribly miss and we can only pray that God will meet them wherever they are in their journey with Him
- for the details of packing up 4 years of life here, what to keep, sell, give away etc.
- for our aching hearts, it is hard to say goodbye to a place that we have come to dearly love

And they close with this verse:

When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more,
But the righteous has an everlasting foundation.
Proverbs 10:25

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