Friday, January 25, 2013

Sonnet of Time's Surging Sea...

Borne from an ether realm, tumultuous tide
Rippling and raging, half-breath ecstasy
Rushing, receding, dark and light collide
Where heaven reaches to embrace the sea
Darling, youth’s kiss fades cold upon the cheek
And where we danced barefoot upon its shore
The breakers crash; cold, foaming crest is bleak
Where summer’s silver sparkle soothed its roar
Yet, as its heaving, shifting billows roll
Hope buoys love’s deep longing in the soul

Subtle, the potent power of this surge
Rankling within the vessel of the heart
My dear, within your arms I sense the urge
Of change tuning the ethereal rampart
And all the darling moments we caress
Like waves, spilling across the sun-warmed beach
Cannot be captured, soon the emptiness
Of echoes fills our frantic, futile reach
Yet, like a pearl within the oysters shell
Time will reveal its treasure; all is well

Impressionistic skylines taunt and lure
We cannot touch its elusive plateau
Nor can our straining, groping grasp secure
Life’s rising, falling arrant ebb and flow
Darling, we tremble in the moment-splurge
Of salty tear startling love’s ling’ring kiss
Upon Time’s lilting lay a mournful dirge
Hovers beyond Spring’s brief, burgeoning bliss
Yet in the subtle surge from mystic deep
We find in its debris, treasures to keep

© Janet Martin

The combination of old music, memories and photos filled me with the sense of standing on last summer’s beach, battered by the surge of invisible waves.



  1. So I am reading the words - thinking they are the lyrics to the song -(that I will listen to momentarily). You are such an amazing weaver of words. You bravely say what is in your heart. I know that feeling - last summer- some summer in my past ...invisible waves.xo teri

  2. Thank-you Teri, for sensing the struggle:)


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