Thursday, January 24, 2013

For Sure and For Certain

Life is a vale filled with sunshine and hurting
Of unknowns that we must trod
But one thing we know for sure and for certain
Its journey will lead us to God

We cannot see beyond today’s curtain
The mystery tuning earth’s sod
But one truth abides for sure and for certain
Someday we will stand before God

It’s hard to prepare for the unknowns of living
Or know all the whys of Love’s rod
But life is the hour to prepare for our dying
Where we know that we will meet God

Closing our eyes does not change our position
Souls do not sleep in the sod
Ignoring fact does not change what is certain

© Janet Martin


  1. I long that day I will bow.

    Hi Janet. My apologies for being away so long but sometimes the battle rages so. All thanks to God our Father.

    And thank you Janet for sharing your words each day with the hurting and searching ones. Each gem is valuable teaching.

  2. I keep contemplating your words...the battle rages. Yes it does and it cannot end if we truly are a soldier of the cross.

    Thank-you for your visit and your much appreciated encouragement.


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