Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Towards the Unveiling...


Life’s fortune of transient bestowal
Is fragile; joy and grief align
In a never-ceasing turmoil
Oft bereft of clear design
The dividend of trial and trouble
Shrouded in a tear-spun veil
Spurs us on to Hope Eternal
And a Love that will not fail

Who but One can see tomorrow?
Who but One can know the why?
As life’s tears of joy and sorrow
Shape our journey to the sky
While we groan beneath the weight
Of love’s cross; pilgrims and soldiers
Bound for heaven’s gleaming gate

…so we hope, not in the offerings
Of this world; no, our sight
Is fixed beyond earth’s meager off-spring
And this battle we must fight
Where someday love’s greatest mystery
Will its grand reason unveil
In the arms of precious Jesus
And His love that did not fail

© Janet Martin

The friends who I have requested prayer for previously need them now like never before. Pray for their safety, for wisdom and trust…


  1. How true...joy and sorrow shape our journey....everyone has a different path, different life experiences that lead them....


  2. Thank-you ND. Yes, we cannot know the why to it all, so we place one foot in front of the other and trust.

    Thank-you always for your gentle, faith-inspiring thoughts. Hope you are feeling stronger.

    Hugs and prayers.


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