Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Be Aware...the Sunday Whirl on Wednesday

Beware; lest we no longer see
The wealth that spills from filaments
Not made with hands; the sea, the lands
The air and its rare firmaments

God does not charge the world at large
For every gift that he imbues
Of rain-drop pearl, and ice-art swirl
Of linen-cloud strewn avenues

But He requires that we desire
To care for His created things
For to disdain earth’s glorious plain
Is to disdain His offerings

And if within our bone-cell-skin
We do not sense this divine grace
Then, when He knocks, will the cold rocks
Call out to His tender embrace?

The sticky mess of selfishness
Confuses and deceives because
We do not see with clarity
The sacred charge He gave to us

© Janet Martin

I found the word 'sticky' to be a bit of a stickler:)


1 comment:

  1. a great use of the words! You'd never be able to tell you found sticky a stickler!


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