Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sad Night-Song...

Sweetheart, the still is throbbing with a sensuous melody
Or is it just the night-wind sobbing in the willow-tree?
Seems I can hear an ocean crashing on a jagged coast
Or is it just the echo of something I miss the most?

Sweetheart, where is the vortex that inhales our fantasies?
What turns the sweet heart bitter, jading soft intimacies?
I hear a love-song sighing somewhere out against the dark
Or is it just the crying of a star that lost its spark?

Sweetheart, I hear the cadence of the midnight murmuring
A cello in the distance; or is it the whispering
Of summer in a garden where the blooms were lush and sweet
Before we sensed their petals cold and parched beneath our feet?

© Janet Martin


  1. Why on earth is no one reading you or are they stunned in to silence?

  2. Oh dear are truly amazing! This is so whistful and beautiful and romantic....I love it!!

  3. Carrie, AS always, your words are too kind but much appreciated:) Thank-you.


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