Monday, April 9, 2012

Shadow Poem-lets

I am content
In the shadow of your love
For your thought in mine
Fits like a glove


A shadow may lead
Or follow behind
But it never strays from
The discourse of the mind


A shadow sprawled towards the west
Means dawn is crawling from its nest
A shadow lengthened to the east
Means soon another day has ceased


A shadow is merely an echo
Of hard matter existence
When your shadow touches mine
I offer no resistance


Today the north wind
Jeers and laughs
Tussling tree-shadows
On the grass


You and I
Make beautiful shadows


Poetics Aside Prompt: Shadows


  1. Beautiful, Janet! Especially the last stanza.

  2. I love the variance in all of these and ending on the sweet unity of the latest one. Beautiful!


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