Friday, April 30, 2021

Good-bye Is a Gateway...

 PAD Challenge day 30:For today's prompt, write a goodbye poem.

Adios Amigo

We pave the path to aftermath with joy and sorrow’s tears
How fleeting is the filigree that weaves whispers to years
Where hello always turns to farewell far too soon it seems
And we are always learning how to readjust our dreams

I love the way life dishes out surprise; I hate it too
The color of goodbye flows in a thousand shades of blue
Where nothing new under the sun still stuns us all the same
And time will always be a rebel that no one can tame

Darling, let’s take the long, slow way to farewell’s parting kiss
I know we both knew from the start that it would end like this
But we are poets; life runs wild with opportunity
Thus good-bye is a gateway to tomorrow’s odyssey

© Janet Martin




  1. Loved this over on Poetic Asides and absolutely loved all your poetry this month!

    1. thank-you and likewise. Your poetry always struck a chord with me! and all around Poetics Aside poets were on a fantastic roll! It was a great month even if they end of the month turned really busy here personally, and I was not able to finish quite as 'connectedly' as I wished to.


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