Friday, April 30, 2021

Country Clothesline Contentment

My sister called this morning.
she needed a country clothesline poem😘😊

This can be one long poem or four short!
It is written from the passer-by's vantage-point

Something ‘bout a country-clothesline
makes a body feel content
Happiness sparked by the flutter
of sun-kissed accomplishment
Where the carefree waltz of towels
tossed against the big blue sky
Seems to sing a home-sweet chorus
to the winsome passerby


Something ‘bout a country clothesline
speaks of domesticity
An appealing, ageless hallmark
of a happy family
Of dear father and kind mother,
dash and dance of girls and boys
In a hymn of meek thanksgiving
for sunshine and simple joys


Something ‘bout a country clothes-line
feels like endurance unfurled
Images of rural living
grounded in a changing world
Framed in blue sky without borders,
cotton rainbows pirouette
Kindling a sweet, kinship-feeling
with friends we have never met


Something ‘bout a country clothesline
speaks of honest, humble folk
They, the kind that do not mind
a bit of wholesome dirt and work
And though, not hon’rably mentioned
in the list of finer arts
Something ‘bout a country clothesline
captivates both gaze and hearts

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes oh Yes!! Love the way you captured the contentment and artistry in a country clothesline. I'm sure sister will love it too.

    1. Thank-you, dear sis. I kinda kept trying to look at a clothesline through your eyes/heart as well as I wrote it, but told Cheryl she may change any of the adjectives she would like, to make it her own:)


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