Monday, April 26, 2021

Wonder-Full World

  PAD Challenge 26;

For today's prompt, take the phrase "(blank) World," 
replace the blank with a word or phrase, 
make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

Somehow 'firsts' of a season always fill me with fresh wonder...
first snowfall, 

first buds,

 blooms and bouquets,

first garden crop sprouts,

 then first pickings

... to first fallen leaves

the world is wonder-full!

'something to stare at in earth's every crease...

Wonderful wonder, how wondrous art Thou
Melding the mundane to Marvelous Wow!
Stealing the thunder of man’s vanity
Breath-taking wak’ning to Your majesty
Yielding to You honour and glory’s due
Worship in its purest form, tried and true

Wonderful wonder, the world is a fount
Brimming with Beauty, too ‘bundant to count
Who can step over the threshold of day
Into a morning, wild with Mercy’s yea
Never astounded and never amazed
By over-under-around-us, un-phased

Wonderful, wonder-full world at our door
So much to experience and explore
Something to stare at in earth’s every crease
Winter to spring, bud to bloom masterpiece
Heavens above hills and rills, land and sea
Thund’ring with wonder still waiting to be

Wonderful, wonder-full gateway to awe
We, lavished by love’s extravagant law
Dare not become so numb as not to feel
Hands of the Potter ‘round clay on the wheel
Smiling, methinks, as He opens our eyes
To the glad wonder of life’s next surprise

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes! esp Breath-taking wak’ning to Your majesty - always love your photos too


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