Thursday, April 15, 2021

For Sailors on Life's Sea

 Life is no pleasure-cruise; Soul’s sacred ship is not a yacht...

Below, a rough sketch of a picture that formed in my mind
as I wrote this poem...

The sea of life is filled with precious barks of humankind
Uncharted waters spill across eastern horizon-line
Where we, all deftly drawn toward where we have never been
Need to learn how to trust the Lord who orders the Unseen

For fear is like a fiend that wreaks havoc where moments break
It draws our eyes from God who promised never to forsake
Peter could walk on water while his gaze was fixed on He
Who beckoned ‘come’ though wild the tempest tossed the roiling sea

The stormy gale will not prevail though sometimes, so it seems
The love of God will never fail though loss may shatter dreams
Hope, like an anchor will secure faith’s bark in Mercy’s keep
To grant assurance as we face today’s uncharted deep

Life is no pleasure-cruise; Soul’s sacred ship is not a yacht
Time's rocks and waves may dash and bruise us in a course, hard-fought
But, as we cling to the life-line unfurled at Calvary
Love's firm anchor of hope secures barks of humanity

© Janet Martin


  1. The "souls aboard" stick figures made me smile, Janet :) The drawing is touching and powerful in its childishness, especially paired up with your words. "...the Lord who orders the’s uncharted deep... life-line unfurled at Calvary" - beautiful. Have a blessed day!

    1. :-)) Sasha, you are a gem for seeing the 'soul' in my totally unartistic abilities but I really wanted to share a glimpse of the imagery in my mind<3 So many soul-ships being tossed by life's storms but we. have. an anchor! hallelujah!
      I hope you have a blessed day as well!

    2. lol! me too, on all the above! add to that throw or hit a ball, run like a gazelle, swim like a fish... but oh, thank God for poetry!! it has consoled/filled many a 'would-be hole'.

  2. I know about pictures forming in mind and the attempts to draw them...can be frustrating :) thank goodness for other creative outlets, but I really wish I could draw. And dance. And play an instrument. And the list goes on :)


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