Sunday, April 25, 2021



 PAD Challenge 25For today's prompt, write a thought poem. 

A thought can be...a bloom bouquet
(first fresh-picked bouquet from my garden)
I love these cheery little pansy-pixies 
that wander at will through my flower-border
and eagerly burst into smiles as soon as the snow is gone!

A thought can try to fool us into trusting our own eyes
Or not; a thought can climb above complaint, or criticize
A thought can be a candle in the dark, a bloom bouquet
A blow below the beltline or a high-five hip-hooray
A noose around the neck of dreams or hope and trust’s lifeline
A labyrinth of vengeful schemes, both trellis and the vine
A lavish wander-land of want, a ladder to the stars
A dungeon where dark demons taunt, a cart that bumps and jars
A thought, intangible at first, but if indulged at length
Can be an unquenchable thirst, great weakness or great strength
A thought can be a comrade or a bitter enemy
A playground or a battlefield, it’s up to you and me

© Janet Martin

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