Saturday, April 24, 2021

Why Do I Love You, Poem-hon?


Sometimes Poem does not want to be
only the lover, but the loved!

For today's prompt, write a question poem. 

(for my poem-hon)😊 

Why do I love you, 
Poem, so?
Your sweep and surging
Ebb and flow
Fills nooks and crooks
And crannies of
Life’s lackluster layouts
With love
While the world seems
To fall apart
You stay the course
And cheer the heart

You are courageous
And uncouth
And not afraid to
Tell the truth
Yet when you do
You are not cruel
Or treat the student
Like a fool
But with the woo of
Lilt and rhyme
You tune the truant
To the crime

You test and tame
And teach and tease
And vex and calm
With melodies
Drawn from a fresco
Flushed with stars
Or siphoned from
Dusk-brumal bars
You train me how
To dance or fight
To fly, to fall
To read and write

You make me brave
When I am not
Dare me to dredge
The grave of thought
Or surf the turquoise
Wave of dreams
To take me where
Brigadoon gleams
Like ancient castles
In the sun
You are my prince
Dear Poem-hon

You are a leaf
A silhouette
Of Grief and Wonder's
You twist fear's fist
 To figure-eights
As ink and sigh
You are a candle
On a sill
A flicker on
Wicks of 'Until' 

Why do I love you,
Your empathy
Second to none
You lend an
Understanding tear
Your page
A patient, listening ear
You spill and thrill
And fill time’s toll
With treasures chiseled
From the soul

© Janet Martin

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