Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Love Is A Tangle of Bed-sheets...

 PAD Challenge day 20;

For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
Write a love poem and/or...
Write an anti-love poem.


Love is a tangle of bed-sheets
To launder
Love is a naked undoing
Of hearts
Love is the bliss of a kiss
That might wander
Love is exploring its
Less private parts
Like ears to listen when the story
Gets longer
Like eyes to glisten with kind
Like arms to let go with and thereby
Grow stronger
Like feet to walk miles that nobody
Will see
Love is the truth that is proven
With action
Love tells the proof without saying
A thing
Love is not pretty when stripped of
Love is a servant, not enthroned like
A king
Love is life’s very imperfect
Love is the stuff heroes are
Made of
Love never leads us in the wrong
No wonder the greatest of these
Is love

Oh, pity the poor, poor creature 
of dust
Who never learns the difference between love 
and lust

© Janet Martin


  1. Wow you're on a roll today - so much to love in this one too! Love is life's very imperfect perfection - really stood out

    1. lol! A bit of time off so I allowed myself some extra, unrushed writing time today. Thank-you for reading and the kind compliments!


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