Tuesday, April 20, 2021


For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
Write a love poem and/or...
Write an anti-love poem.

An intangible tempest
How innocent your stance
While teasing me with glimpses
Where unpenned poems dance

Your brooding predilection
Makes me the perfect prey
Your eyes full of suggestion
My sighs full of ‘you may’

My, but you are a heart-throb
Of possibility
How silver-blue your lures bob
On streams of dream-and-see

Darling, you turn a woman
To Hunger’s Masterpiece
You rouse in Her a poem
That begs for sweet release

No, I have never seen you
But every now and then
The page is our ballroom
Dear lover in my pen

© Janet Martin


  1. ohhh did I miss this over on Poetic Asides? - this is so poignant and unpenned poems dance is perfect


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