Friday, April 23, 2021

Date With Daybreak...

PAD Challenge 23: For today's prompt, write an appointment poem.

Ah, let me look at you longer
You always hurry by
As if you had appointments too
Up in the big blue sky

Ah, let me linger in your blush
Of young and fresh appeal
…yet, as I plea I sense the tug
Of duty’s tireless zeal

Ah, let me lean over the brink
Of where no one has been
To touch the hemline of your robe
Shimmering, silver-green

Ah, from my perch upon my porch
Let me learn, sweet and slow
Beneath the sunshine of your smile
The art of letting go

© Janet Martin


  1. this just brought a sigh and makes me want to find a front porch and a cup of tea!

    1. <3 You're welcome at my porch any time! I have a thing for porches which influenced my blog title;) and tea or coffee is always on! oops, that reminds me! I steeped a pot of tea a while ago and then got busy on a puzzle my mom dropped off on my porch that she thought me and the girls might enjoy! ( we are just finishing up 2 weeks of quarantine)Thankfully no one is sick!


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