Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Elemental Metamorphosis

PAD Challenge day 6: For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
Write a change poem and/or...
Write a don't change poem.

The gold-etched puddle caught my eye this morning providing
the springboard to today's poem-prompt!


Gold etches remnant sketches of gray’s shattered aftermath
It gilds the place of tears to cheer the pilgrim on life’s path
From what we cannot change to what we can; where young and old
Are at the mercy of the Hand that begilds gray with gold

What is soon changes; elemental metamorphosis
Father Time soon estranges us from everything that is
So, before we begin to fret about all that is not
We’d better take a better look at all the good we’ve got

Because before we know it, we will look back on today
Change is on the horizon brimming with both gold and gray
Where for better or worse is always never very far
And change is often taking place exactly where we are

© Janet Martin

Change is on the horizon brimming with both gold and gray...


...and points in between...

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