Monday, April 5, 2021

Love Language of God

PAD Challenge day 3. For today's prompt, write a communication poem.

We in Ontario are just on the verge
of bursting into first glorious green!
Meanwhile....(enjoying our neighbour's puppies)

You burst forth, glorious and green
To both pious and libertine
Your showers fall to tame earth’s dust

Your buds unfetter Beauty’s fleur
Whether gaper is rich or poor
Your sunshine is so warm and sweet
On every shape-shade of bare feet

Your puppies, mischief-cute and soft
Your woodland fair where zephyrs waft
Your sense of Something wonder-wild
Your laughter of unbundled child  

Your brook and bird warble unfurled
In kindred hymns around the world
Convince this bard without a word
Spring is the love language of God

© Janet Martin

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