Thursday, April 1, 2021

Introduction Poem

Write an introduction poem

I am an ardent admirer of nature...

I am the shorelines that cradle the ocean
I am the ocean that dashes the shore
I am a drifter on hazy horizons
I am a hunter of ‘much wanting more’

I am a creature of rhyming-habit
I am a grandmother, mother and child
I am a beggar of crumbs, ink anointed
I am the wind as it wanders the wild

I am a painter of wonder and wishes
I am a trawler of seas, starry-sighed
I am a weaver of whispers so precious
I plant the page with a gardener’s pride

I am a loner and I am a lover
Caught in a tango-of-thought-stealing ‘oh’
I am the rambler that tramples the clover
A dancer torn between hold and let go

I am an ardent admirer of nature
I am a surfer of word ebb and surge
I am a woman of heart and soul stature
I am a poet when thought and ink merge

© Janet Martin


  1. So nice to read a poem about you, Janet! "I am a grandmother, mother and child" stood out for me because of the unusual order, which I loved - going back in time. Good luck with the challenge - I cannot believe you do it every year, diligently. And it's not like you need prompts to get you writing daily! :)

    1. Thank-you Sasha, for reading and always so kindly responding with a word of encouragement and appreciation! I wasn't going to do it this year but then, I couldn't resist when I looked at it!;-) Plus, it stretches me and helps get me out of writing ruts etc. not sure if I will get every day done or not but I'll start. I only post here because since they changed the format I can't seem to get on the site.


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