Friday, April 9, 2021

Persona Poemlets

PAD Challenge  day 9:

For today's prompt, write a persona poem for an inanimate object. 
A persona poem is when you write a poem in the voice of someone 
(or in this case something) else.

you touch me
but without much feeling
run your fingers left, 
then right
I, beneath
thought's stoked appealing
try to tame
the appetite
of a writer's 
wild obsession
as ink-pictures spill their art
I, only a humble keyboard
yet a window 
to the heart


I keep everyone's best secrets
'oh, the things that I have heard!'
I don't think you would believe it
If I told you, word for word
Dreamer's rave and plotter's vengeance
Lover's quarrels, hope's hard knock
All are guarded in my presence
Because, my dear, walls don't talk


All winter long you gaped and stared 
Half-smitten by my barren form,
Half, in pity as you watched me
Weather the toss of each storm
But now winter's war is over
Here I stand about to steal
The gaze and hearts of nature lovers
Waiting for spring's grand reveal
I spread my sun-warm arms, and suddenly
I pity those who only see A Tree


Break me, 
take me
between your fingers
Let your touch linger
as I run through
want and wonder
Plant me full
of green, gold, blue
pink and purple
orange, double-
zinnias, vegetable
press the tress
of rippling wheat field
into my, 
yet fallow clay...

break me, 
wake me with
seed whispers
Feel the thunder
in my loom
I am earth
The cradle of birth
I am earth
both womb
and tomb

Maybe I'll be back later to try a few more,
but maybe not!
Gramma and grand-sonny day today!


  1. Enjoyed today's persona poems. There is something most interesting that happens when we use the writer's tool of giving inanimate objects voices. I liked the 'because, my dear, walls don't talk'. Too bad they do not!

    1. thank-you Brenda! yes, it is an interesting perspective. I regretted that this morning was 'rush-hour writing'-the topic offered so many options! sometimes I wish walls could talk but oh, sometimes I'm mighty glad they can't;-)

  2. This is lovely Janet. Are you posting on Poetic Asides - I swear I didn't see this one!

    1. Hi Trish, and thank-you! I have not been on Poetics Aside for November or now because I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong to keep me from signing in! I have tried setting up a new discus acc. with no luck.:-(It's something when I get to the verification part that I must be doing wrong.)


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