Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Background and Surround Sound and Scene

PAD Challenge day 14: For today's prompt, write a poem 
inspired only by stimulus from where you're sitting (or standing, if you write will standing).
 In the past, I've written poems about pencils, characters in books I can see, 
and things I can see out my window when using this prompt. 
So consider your immediate surroundings and poem away today.

Here are tidbits of what I see from where I sit and stare
While trying to lure lines from an air-lair

A sweep of rolling countryside...

The lawn looks like a sea of pearls...

Clutter collects like fallen leaves...

Fruit-bowl familiarity...

A sweep of rolling countryside
Showcasing nature’s joy and pride
Beneath a sky-wide windowpane
As night fades into day again
And wakes within, Hope’s glad refrain

A page, turned by the Hand of Time
To let, as yet, an un-smudged clime
Before the chime of rhyme unfurls
A phantom carousel that whirls
the lawn looks like a sea of pearls

Clutter collects, like fallen leaves
It resurrects harvested sheaves
Dickinson, Shelley, Keats and Clare
Humble the poet’s starry stare
We, kindred prey of creature-care

Fruit-bowl familiarity
Fond back-ground noise of family
Aroma of a fresh-brewed pot
A tug of war twixt Want and Ought
Embrace the place of hard-fought jot

The clock is like a hungry beast
Devouring morn’s moment-feast
How swift its sparkle disappears
Into the fabric-work of years
While Poet plumbs thought’s unplumbed spheres

Telephone rings, toil tips its cup
The sun climbs higher, up-up-up
Gone is the yawning quietude
While threshold of mercy renewed
Grants much to author gratitude

© Janet Martin


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