Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Delight and Disappointment's Crown

...the sun rises,
doles out its daily dose of delight...

then tucks another page of time to the archives..

Delight and disappointment
Compose life’s harmony
Where love’s perfect contentment
Mingles with misery
Where trying could mean flying
Or face-plant in the dirt
Where holding means untying
Those heartstrings where they hurt

Where life is always teaching
More than seen at first glance
Where hope is always reaching
Beyond the circumstance
Perpetual estrangement
Of moments, echo spun
A rose and thorn arrangement
Shadows cast by the sun

A bittersweet concoction
Of dazzling dreams and shards
A motley interaction
With brutes, beggars and bards
Where prayer is never nothing
So prayer, dear comrade, pray
For there is always something
To learn along the way

Delight and disappointment
Seem to go hand in hand
One thrills us with enjoyment
One tests creature demand
But somehow as we weather
Dismay and happiness
The two of them together
Crown us with thankfulness

© Janet Martin

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