Thursday, April 8, 2021

Longing For What Seems Lost (a Covid-Weary Canadian's Nostalgic Lament)

I had no idea just how precious the ordinary was
before everything changed!

How beautiful the cleated feet of players, baseball-proud
How wonderful are words like, ‘could I have a refill, please?’
How lovely to be buffeted by elbows in a crowd
Ah, what a neon masterpiece, flashing ‘no vacancies’

How perfect is the planter, pruner, picker’s glistening brow
How handsome are the calloused, blistered hands of honest toil
How holy is the ground we trample and the heads we bow
As mourners merge around a grave where death collects its spoil

How utterly breath-taking is a church-house with packed pews
How hearty the handshaking, back-slaps, hug-comradery
How sacred is the gathering where worship pours its dues
How gorgeous is a dinner table set for company

How priceless is the freedom to come and go as we please
How pretty are your eyes, nose, mouth, wrinkles and double-chin
How nice, the music some call noise, that comes with families
Because we’re running late and someone’s patience has grown thin

Oh, lucky you in the parade behind stop-go school bus
(It never crossed our minds, how precious was the commonplace)
To think that in those dear old days we used to fume and fuss
Before we grew accustomed to people with half-a-face

How precious are the plans for proms, performances, menus
A wedding guest list open for 'all welcome to attend'
A kitchen full of giggling girls, reasons to buy new shoes
A dinner-reservation for a birthday for a friend

No deafening applause now, for goals scored in overtime
How hesitant the glance across the six-foot ‘safety-zone’
How stiff the shoppers move to keep their steps between the line
How foreign feels the world where fear has made its presence known

How beautiful, the bustle of a busy workaday
How wonderful are words that come from smiles seen and not guessed
How lovely to be to planning a much-needed getaway
How good to be reminded to count the ways we are blessed

© Janet Martin


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