Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Reminder To Me or Tangled Work of Art or Strings Attached

PAD Challenge 21: Here is Robert Lee Brewer's Prompt for Today

For today's prompt, take the phrase "(blank) Me," 
replace the blank with a word or phrase, 
make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

How pure the banter of the breeze
That skims the rippled brook...

How precious, child's boots caked with mud...

How beautiful is joy, how bright
Its happiness, unmatched
But remember, the sheer delight
Of joy has strings attached

How pure the banter of the breeze
That skims the rippled brook
And plucks joy’s strings in melodies
Not written in a book

How lovely is the laughing child
How darling and how dear
How sweet the street where dreams run wild
Before Doors interfere

How precious, child's boots caked with mud
After heads bow with grief
Beside a grave, where Mortal Bud
Is restored to Time's Chief 

For strings of joy both bind and rend
Oh, how they tug and throb
As sorrow sears the tender end
And keens the soul to God

How frayed, joy’s strings, through letting go
How stained with salty tears
How stretched by high five and low blow
How seasoned with the years

How priceless then, joy’s sacred strings
(Though tangled works of art)
For from the loom of sorrow wings
A humbly, thankful heart

© Janet Martin


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