Monday, April 5, 2021

To Become a Champion

PAD Challenge day 4: For today's prompt, write an active poem.

I can still hear my mom and gramma encouraging us 
when we were children and ready to quit,
 'deah veah ohaldt, winned'. 
Translation from Pennsylvania Dutch,..
 'the one who keeps on wins!'

Jordan Spieth is living proof!
The one thing he did not do was quit!
'sometimes I shot balls till my hands bled
and nothing seemed to help' said
Jordan Spieth in an interview 

Anyone who follows golf is surely celebrating and rejoicing
with Jordan Spieth, after yesterday's triumph at the Valero Texas Open
  ended a four year victory-drought; his first win in 83 starts!!

Eagle, birdie, bogie, par
What a lot of ways there are
To test confidence and grit
Suffer long and do not quit

Grimace, grumble, grapple, grin
Take a few knocks on the chin
Weep, pray, rant, rave if you must
Slam your club into the dust

Weather heat and wind and rain
Take a deep breath, try again
Perfect drive or bunker-shot
Sometimes high-five, sometimes…not

Sometimes fairway, sometimes rough
Sometimes ace and sometimes duff
There is no way to win but
To keep on with drive-chip-putt

If you want the winner’s cup
Do not, oh, do not give up
This is the only way, son
To become a champion

© Janet Martin

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