Saturday, April 17, 2021

Worth The Wait

I was about to post this poem of two stanzas when I received a text from my daughter!
Grandsonny FINALLY had 7 checkmarks;
one for each day he did not rebel tantrum-ishly when the answer to a want was 'no'.
 7 checkmarks earned him the reward of a bag of Lego 
Grandma gave him at the end of March, but his reaction to
'no, you may not open it tonight because it's bedtime' was not nice (to put it mildly)
so, we decided this might be a good motivation to weigh consequences when reacting!

How sweeter the Lego after the waiting, inspiring one more stanza to the poem😊

PAD Challenge day 17: For today's prompt, write a waiting poem.

Wait; a word with which we struggle
Wait; the gate to faith-hope-grace
Wait; for better days or trouble
Wait to take This Present Place
Wait without doubting or fretting
Wait with love’s humility
Wait without blindly forgetting
Who waits on us faithfully

Wait tests restless human mettle
But the beauty of the bloom
Must unfold, petal by petal
From dark, bud-shaped waiting room
So then wait with patient biding
Do not rush the soldered gate
For The Masterpiece still hiding
In a little word called Wait

Sweeter then will be the After
And the holding oh, so dear
When our tears are turned to laughter
In the wake of waiting's Here
We do not wait without reason
Test of time precedes the goal
Waiting is the growing season
For the faith that makes us whole
© Janet Martin


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