Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Love Is A Shawl with Holes

For this Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
Write a love poem and/or...
Write an anti-love poem.

Love is far more 
than daisy-lore
of love me-love-me-not
It runs us through 
with bronze and blue
that weathered years allot 
Love is the stuff
of fist-a-cuff
and kiss me sweet and slow
The grit and grin
through thick and thin
of hold and letting go
A tango, dear
of smile and tear
A ballad, dissonant
It's tea-and-toast'
Making the most
of each precious moment
It is a hug
a push-and-tug
together, not apart
A sacred pact
twixt faith and fact
not for the faint of heart
It's what-a-mess
and happiness
mysteriously entwined
It is a vow
of curtsy-bow
with Other first in mind
A breath of spring,
The weathering
of winter's wildest storm
But best of all
Love is a shawl
with holes, yet keeps us warm

Janet Martin


  1. I just love this poem - the shawl with holes - all of it - it really resonated with me


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