Saturday, April 10, 2021

Get In The Habit of Writing Your Own Headlines

PAD Challenge day 10:For today's prompt, take the phrase "Get (blank),"
replace the blank with a word or phrase,
make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

It’s not the media that writes the headlines of our lives
We are the ink of love’s insights; of joy which hope derives
We choose between fear’s torment or the strength of a wise word
We make the most or least of moments pouring undeterred

It’s not the world that works its wonders in the human heart
But grace and courtesy unfurled in priceless works of art
We are the hands and feet that author change we want to see
Of helping one another, of love’s vows kept faithfully

It’s not the headlines that dictate our state of happiness
We are the writers that create ‘Front Page-worthy Kindness’
It’s not the media that writes the way that we reply
To high and lows of love and life; oh no, it’s you and I

It all comes down to this; whether we are thankful or not
Whether we let the tether of fear commandeer our thought
Whether we hold accountable the person in the mirror
To write the kind of article that others want to hear 

History in the making grants a very sacred gift
The honour of partaking in moments soon set adrift
Pray when Day's Dust of Duty strews its aftermath, we find
Headlines that tell of Beauty of True Love For Humankind 

© Janet Martin

A few of yesterday's headlines in my world include;
Grandchildren Help Gramma Clean Up Yard...

Gramma Teaches Tots How To Make Indoor Smores...

Anonymous Angels Who Nominated Unsuspecting Recipients,
 And Hardworking Local Florist (credit posted on FB only for privacy protection)
 Work Together To Create Happiness For Forty Surprised Flower-bouquet Receivers!!
(I was beautifully blessed to be at the receiving end!)

This post shared by a friend on Facebook inspired the above poem...


  1. The most important headlines are the ones written right in front of us! Such a great perspective to have. So easy to be caught up in what the media feeds us, but this is what matters - in reality. Thank you Janet ❤

    1. You're welcome and thank-you!!! little side-story. While I was working at this post hubby called. He told me about the farm he dropped cattle off at 6 a.m. and how a few little girls were out watching the excitement with great delight. Jim asked one of the little girls if she had breakfast already (not expecting her to say yes) but she replied, yes, she had eggs, and then skipped happily away, at 6 in the morning!! Then he proceeded to inform me of some doom and gloom headlines he just read! I shared the story I just read that inspired this poem...He liked it.


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